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Learn How to Modernize the Financial Close Today

Every month, it’s a rush job.

The financial close often requires hundreds—even thousands—of tasks, executed by scores of people working across the business. Then, there’s the double-checking and rework, with the potential for mistakes growing every time someone touches the data.

Sound familiar?

In my work with companies large and small, I often see fragmented processes with manual interventions and disconnected spreadsheets. There is often a lack of clarity as to which are the latest numbers and little to no governance nor audit trails. And consolidated calculations are complex, making it a challenge to ensure there are no errors.

Financial Close Best Practices

In this age of real-time data and connected enterprises, the situation seems almost absurd.

The good news is, there are tools and best practices available to automate and manage the entire close process, end-to-end—delivering a financial close that:

  • Reduces the cycle times of individual close tasks

  • Adds visibility and predictability to close processes

  • Ensures trust and reliability that the numbers are complete and accurate

  • Increases collaboration

  • Improves the consistency and quality of the financial close

On Friday, March 24, I’ll be hosting a webcast with a leading global hospitality and investment company. They will share why and how they implemented a financial close solution in the cloud. The project took less than 2 months to complete and improved the organization’s overall time to close.

Register for the webinar to learn how you can achieve:

  • Faster reporting and analytics

  • Improved visibility and control

  • Seamless data integrations

  • Finance and accounting teams owning and operating the cloud solutions

Attendance at this webinar will also count as one free CPE credit, so please join us.

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